Cycling Routes

Cycling routes

Getting out of Cambridge tends to use fairly busy roads, but there are some lovely, quiet lanes just a few miles out. Most of the routes have some overlapping areas, so the can be mix and matched to make new routes! 

All routes start from Brookside, and if you have any route suggestions, email them to the cycling captains. 

Remember to wear a helmet and follow the highway code! You will only be able to join our road cycling sessions if you have a road worthy bike and are wearing a helmet. 

Easy (<20 miles, generally flatter):

12 miles:

18 miles:

19 miles:

Medium (20-30 miles, with some hills):

23 miles:

27 miles:

30 miles:

30 miles (tuesday evening changing route):

Hard (longer >30 miles, with some harder hills):

Slightly Hilly 35 miles:

Hilly 55 miles (Caution: this has a little bit of dual carriageway and some dangerous junctions near Royston):